English translations

The language of "Diary of some Groundhopping" is German. Unfortunally I'm not able to translate any reports to English because of lack of time. A few of the older reports have translated versions: Choose the British flag at "Spielberichte" after the game to get to the english version or choose the english flag under the game score at the German version of the game report. Choose the German flag under the game score at the English version to get to the German one.

You may try an automatic translation by goolge if you follow this link to the game report overview. The translation will be quite strange but you might be able to understand most parts of the reports. But be warned: even the attending team names will look funny because of "translated" team names.

Translations into different languages

If anyone would like reports to be translated into other languages such as Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian or whatever I don't mind in uploading the text but the person has to translate it himself/herself because I don't speak any other languages - my English is poor enough! Download the source code, replace the German/English words by words of the language of your choice and send it to me via e-mail and I will load it up together with a remark that you did the translation.

You may try the autmatic google-translation to French.

Traduction automatique l'après le français. .

English navigation help

What I can give you right now it a little translation of the buttons you find at

Spielberichte game reports in German but you'll find many fotos!
Neues news ... but the news are German, too.
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Gästebuch guest book read or sign my guest book! Please choose "Neues Gästebuch" at the next page.
Links links come on... you know what links are ;-)
Bildschirmschoner Erklärung screensaver description load down my screensaver basing on Xaracube
Gastberichte (Stand: 8) guest reports not so many new reports because everyone's starting his own site.
Stadionliste ground list Small list of every ground visited... but not all of them appear with a report! May be use for navigation, too, especially useful if you're looking for pictures of a particular stadium.